Frustration at Ink Cartridge

Are YOU using YOUR printer correctly? If not, it could be costing YOU serious money!

Frustration at Ink Cartridge

The Frustrated printer cartridge man

Are you using your printer correctly?

If not...

it could be costing you serious money!

It all starts with your shiny new laptop. It may even be the family PC, that for years sat under the stairs,(In Dad's Bat Cave ) which has now been hijacked by the kids. They went to school already ( Where did the time go? ) and school starts asking for photos of "Best Friend" Bear's adventures over the half term. This has mostly been pictures of said kids and Bear, sliding down a wet slide or posing in front of a swing which was about to cut that damp, wet day out short, just when the sun was about to break through that blanket of grey.    
“Dad, can I print out this picture of Dora and Diego to colour in please?”    
“Darling, it looks like we have to print the insurance documents out our selves”    
And then BOOM! You have a shiny new printer sat on the bookcase in the corner. You know the one? Where mum keeps her issues of National Geographic that Grandpa gave her? It was a bargain! Only £24.99 in the sale, it came highly recommended...    
Then ,half way through the full colour printing of a 10 page insurance document, which for some inexplicable reason has a washy blue coloured back ground, your printer stops and spits out half a page and announces    
It’s at that moment, stood in your local super market, at 8pm on a Tuesday, that you realise that it’s going to cost you another £35 to print those 5 pages that are left stranded in the printer queue, for a document that was meant to save you 10% on your current insurance deal. So that £60 saving is swallowed up by your new worst enemy, sat shining happily, on your bookcase in the corner!    
But it doesn’t have to be like this. We at The Cartridge Guys are available to advise you on that “Bargain” printer you saw advertised on TV last night. It’s cheap, yes, but what will it cost to run? Have you asked yourself how often you will use this printer? Will the ink dry up between gaps in printing those boarding passes off? Or will it gulp down your ink by the gallon as your daughter prints off research for her degree ( “Can’t she print that at Uni” Dad asked as he soothes his exhausted wallet ).    
So call us on 01772 724455 between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday ( 9am until 4pm on a Saturday ) OR email us at and we will answer those questions and save you money on the cost of the ink or toner for your shiny new friend.    
The Cartridge Guys for all your ink and toner requirements in Preston, Leyland and Chorley, with free next day delivery and account faculties available for business customers    
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