“How much does a printer cost?”

£24.99? £39.99?


How much does a printer cost, is probably our most asked question.


How much do you print?

Is it just the kids using it for home work? Or are you printing Tickets? Late-night Recipes? And what about those insurance documents?


So how many pages is that? Per week?

10/15 pages a week? So surely, 40/60 a month? Now, what about that photo you printed off for Aunty Jane? Did you include that?


You buy original cartridges and you are looking about £22 to £28 for a pair of cartridges that will do 100/120 pages of black & colour.

But then you don’t use it for several weeks or someone has been printing off more photo’s, then the kids wanted some colouring pages printing and then there was that dreaded email, you know the one which printed on 12 sheets of paper…


What we’re trying to show you is that buying and running a printer isn’t as straight forward as it seems.


But that’s where The Cartridge Guys can help! You’ve been to a shop, you’ve seen a printer that looks good value, that looks super cool and does whatever you need…but what’s it really going to cost you to run? How easy is it to get cartridges? How many pages should you really expect to get from your new printer (And lets be honest What does “At 5% coverage” mean really?)


Call us on 01772 724455 and ask us our opinion, for FREE (standard call charges will apply).


We can tell you how much the cartridges will cost, if they can be refilled, will you have trouble sourcing the cartridges in the first few months, can you get compatible cartridges and will you get a lot of prints for your money!


We are more than just a cartridge shop…we are a mine of information. Or as we like to think, when you buy from the Cartridge Guys it’s like you buy your own cartridge expert!

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