10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Get More From Your Printer

Even if you are completely satisfied with your printer and it’s output, with these 10 handy tips and tricks you can get the absolute most from your humble printer.


1. Use every last drop

The low ink warning light is just that, a warning, so don’t break out the replacement cartridges as soon as the light starts to flash. Wait until the print quality starts to diminish, then it’s time to consider calling The Cartridge Guys on 01772 724455 for those replacement toners and inks.


2. Use Economy Mode

If your printer offers an economy mode and your print jobs don’t need to be high quality or photorealistic, this could be a great option to save ink or toner and ensure those cartridges last a little bit longer.


3. And Any Energy Saving Features

Not only do these help protect the environment, they can also contribute to a lower consumption of energy.


4. And Print in Black-Only

Whether you require monochrome printouts or not, printing in colour could risk using up some of the colour ink or toner – a potential waste the usually, more expensive ink or toners. So tell it to print Greyscale or Black Only (Monochrome) and save the colour when you really need it.


5. Only Print What You Need

Whether selecting the exact pages you require or copy and pasting from a web browser into Word, ensuring you only print the info you require can help keep your ink and toner consumption down to a minimum.


6. Control the Font

It may sound daft, but simply switching from industry-standard font, Arial, to the more conservative Century Gothic can contribute to long term savings – using less ink for every single word.


7. Get Some Good Quality Paper

Supermarket paper may be cheap but it’s also thin and absorbent. A good quality 80-gram A4 paper will not only make whatever your printing look better and easier to read, but will make your ink go further. The Cartridge Guys have you covered for all your paper needs.


8. Reduce Installed Printware (Bloatware)

When installing or reinstalling a printer, you’ll often be called to install a load of software – some of which may not be necessary for your print requirements. When prompted, opt for custom installation rather than recommended installation – then cherry picks what you need. This can help reduce bloating your computer’s memory, leading to fast printing.


9. Use a Workhorse Printer

A dedicated workhorse printer for large, lower-quality jobs, can save you huge amounts. Saving the golden goose printer for only the high-quality jobs. Perversely, investing in two printers could end up being better value than investing in one.


10. Need a couple more pages…Blast it with a Hairdryer

If you’re down to your very last cartridge and it runs out just before the end of a job, you may be able to squeeze a little extra printing goodness out of it by taking it out from the printer and giving it a quick blast with a hairdryer. Have some tissue handy as the ink expands when it gets warm


If you should need any advice about printers or printing, our Print Experts should have an answer for you!

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